Joy to the world…and pass the popcorn?

‘Tis the Season once again.  At this time of the year, students are busy dreaming about what they want to get for Christmas, and parents are shopping frantically for what they want to give.  We all become consumed with malls, parties, and decorations.

It’s also the time of the year that we dust off the old Christmas movie DVDs or binge on Netflix to watch our old holiday favorites once again!  From classics like Home Alone and A Christmas Story to more recent hits like Elf, Christmas movies have a way of warming our hearts and restoring our joy for the season.

This month in Living Proof, we want to revisit a few of our favorite Christmas movies.  We want to highlight the hopes, dreams, problems and pursuits of the characters and demonstrate how the truth of Christmas – the miracle of God sending his Son to rescue a lost and broken world – is the only thing that will truly resolve and satisfy the tension that we too feel in our lives.